About Us

Enriching lives for a healthier and happier world For Redress Healthcare, the goal of achieving sustainability is part of a process encompassing our operations, Communities and the planet at large.

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Our Communities

At Redress Healthcare we are sensitive to the needs of a world faced with innumerable challenges. Through CSR initiatives we have the opportunity to address these challenges and make a difference. Our vision is to enrich lives for a healthier and happier world.

The problem of child health is a serious issue across the world, hence, our CSR interventions are focused on reducing infant and child mortality. In our endeavor to make quality of healthcare available to the needy and underprivileged, we work with our partner NGOs to donate medicines.

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Our Planet

We depend on the natural environment for satisfying our requirements and business needs. Resources like water, energy and fuel consumed translate into wastes, and if not scientifically handled and disposed impact lives and ecosystems

This helps to save virgin material from being extracted while also saving emissions from the extraction processes. The larger goal of all of these initiatives is the preservation of natural resources for our future generations.

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Our People

We believe in enriching lives of employees by providing growth opportunities, fair employment conditions and a safe & healthy work environment.

Through our activities we strive to create a healthier, knowledgeable and happier world by enriching lives of all our stakeholders and community at large.Redress Healthcare came into existence in 2012, and in 2015, the company was formed into a legal corporation.

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At Redress Healthcare, we aspire to aid the community in leading a healthy life by formulating, developing, commercializing, and delivering affordable and accessible medicines that satisfy urgent medical needs.

However, it actively started working as a fully-integrated export pharmaceutical company in 2017. Our portfolio comprises of gynaecology, haematinic,cardio- diabetic, orthopaedic, paediatric, derma-cosmetic, antibiotic, CNS, vitamins & nutrient products.


• Bringing expensive medicine Quick
• Addressing unmet patient needs
• Helping patients manage disease

Our Responsibilty

the goal of achieving sustainability is part of a process encompassing our operations, Communities and the planet at large.


Enabling and Helping Our Partners ensure that our medicines are available where needed.